Review – Wonder Girl #3: The Hunt for Yara Flor

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Wonder Girl #3 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Girl #3 – Joelle Jones, Writer; Joelle Jones, Adriana Melo, Artists; Jordie Bellaire, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: This is a chaotic book that raises a lot of questions, but it’s still coming together as a fairly compelling narrative. Yara Flor has been on a trip to the Amazon that started as a search for her origins and turned into a battle to survive. She’s hunted by multiple enemies, including an Eros who seems obsessed with hitting her with his arrows and influencing her mind, and a mysterious crocodile shaman who wants… well, we don’t know. The character just briefly appears to add some mystery and then disappears. As Yara is torn between Eros promising her answers and her old friend Joao asking her to come with him, it’s a pretty interesting story that shows her struggles as she steps into her own as a hero. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too jumbled and it’s not entirely clear where she fits in the larger Wonder Woman legacy, which has no shortage of characters following in Diana’s footsteps.

Temptation in the jungle. Via DC Comics.

And speaking of those legacies, we get a spotlight for two of them this issue as Artemis and Cassie Sandsmark find themselves reluctantly working together. Joelle Jones writes Artemis as a hard-boiled warrior, almost aggressively hostile to those who aren’t on her level. Cassie, meanwhile, seems like she had her natural cheerfulness and energy dialed up to eleven. She actually feels more like the original tomboy version in this issue, which is a little odd because she hasn’t been written like that in almost twenty years. Still, they make a fun pair as they battle through rival warriors and chase down Yara. The art by Jones and Adriana Melo is gorgeous, but three issues in it still feels like every issue just raises more questions. The bigger problem is that Yara herself doesn’t exactly feel like the star of her own comic. She’s shuffled around from adventure to adventure, and it feels like the plot drives her rather than the opposite.

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