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Function of Beauty is one of those companies I see all the time on my Instagram account but don’t always know what they are about. A little research later and I’m asking them to let me try out their “formulated for me” products. Essentially, Function of Beauty creates products based on your skin/body/hair type and your goals for said areas. They give you a quick one-minute survey where you tell them what your type is, what normal looks like for you, and what you want the product to accomplish.

What Did I Get?

For this review, I checked out:

  • Shampoo and conditioner ($39.99)
  • Leave-in hair product ($19.99)
  • Body wash and body lotion ($19.99)
  • Facial cleanser ($25)
  • Moisturizer ($49.99)
  • Face serum ($44.99)

The total of all these products equals about $180. I received the 8oz bottles of the hair and body products and the standard size of the facial products.

What Is the Process?

Let’s start with the process.

First, you fill out the survey for the product you are interested in. Once you set your norms and your goals, you get to pick the color of the product and the scent as well as how strong you want the scent. This part was the most nerve-wracking for me because I have severe allergies and most things clog me up. You also get to name your “function” with anything you’d like under 10 characters (no spaces).

Once you place your order, it takes a couple of weeks to get the products to your door.

Your order arrives in neat little boxes, grouped together by the product (hair, face, or skin), and a card that explains how to use the products and your goals for each.

My Experience

I was surprised by the accuracy of the colors and the scents I picked for each one. For the shampoo and conditioner, I picked a light rose scent and made them blue and purple so I could tell them apart in the shower. The body wash and lotion were light cherry-scented and light peach in color. Both I can easily handle, and, in fact, I could probably increase the scent next time and still be ok. It wasn’t overbearing in the least, and I didn’t get the sniffles during or after using the products.

I did not get any scent in the facial products.

Compared to my regular shampoo/conditioner combo (Pert Plus), I really enjoyed using the Function of Beauty and how my hair felt after use. The leave-in product I chose to use after my hair was dry, and I didn’t need to use any styling products afterward (keep in mind my hair is cut pixie-style).

My goals for the facial products were to hydrate and brighten my skin. After one use of the trio, I felt a difference. My skin looked brighter and it was confidence building. It def beat out my drug store face wash.

The standard size bottles are 8oz. I found that I went through the body wash relatively quickly, so I’d probably get a 16oz bottle the next time. The other products I went through a bit slower, so even the once every two months subscription would be enough for me. I might even be able to stretch that out a little bit longer. It’s not a huge markup to go with the larger bottles, so if you use a bit more than the average person, don’t fret at the cost. When you place your order you are given the option to subscribe and have it shipped/charged to your card every X number of months. You also get to pick the size of the bottles you receive, and you get a variety of combinations to go with. For example, if you use more shampoo and less conditioner, you can go with a 16oz bottle of shampoo but an 8oz bottle of conditioner. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m happy with these products compared to what I was using before. The cost is a bit high compared to what I normally, buy but not high enough that I wouldn’t consider buying them myself when I run out. I like the results I’m getting and that makes it worth the cost. If you are interested in checking out Function of Beauty for yourself, hit up their website to take the survey, or if shopping online for beauty products is not your thing, I recently learned Function of Beauty is available at Target. (Without the complete personalization, but it’s still better than nothing.)

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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