Review – Wonder Girl #2: A Wanted Woman

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Wonder Girl #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Girl #2 – Joelle Jones, Writer; Joelle Jones, Adriana Melo, Artists; Jordie Bellaire, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: This book is roughly twenty storylines stuffed in twenty pages, and that makes it both overly ambitious and highly entertaining. I was a little disappointed to see Joelle Jones is already getting backup on the art front, but Adriana Melo is gorgeous as always. The story starts back in Brazil as Yara finds herself trapped underwater by a vengeful Siren-like creature, as narration fills us in on her unfortunate origin (which will be familiar to fans of a particular biblical tale about sibling jealousy). Yara is able to show compassion to the creature, and winds up being rewarded–before being spat out back onto the surface barely conscious. It’s a strange way to begin the issue, and that continues as she returns home to the U.S. on a plane and finds herself under attack by a pair of rogue Amazon assassins who have infiltrated the plane itself for some close-quarters combat.

A gift from the depths. Via DC Comics.

Meanwhile, Yara is the most wanted woman in the world–and it’s not just her enemies. Artemis wastes no time convincing the Queen of Bana-Mighdall to let her go on a mission to hunt the girl down, and Cassie Sandsmark–the other Wonder Girl–is deputized to Brazil by Hippolyta to find her. This leads to the funniest scene of the issue with Cassie realizing that Brazil is really big, but it also raises the question–these two characters are really stepping on each other’s place in the DCU. There’s some good humor in this segment, especially when Artemis and Cassie meet, but before it can be explored too much, we’re off to the next subplot. What is Eros doing, and how bad an aim is he to explain what happens in the final pages? Yara just can’t seem to avoid being on everyone’s radar right now. Her book is gorgeous and a lot of fun, but still a bit jumbled.

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