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‘Onion Skin’ Edgar Camacho (Author, Artist, Cover Artist)

I love graphic novels that revolve around food. They are just entertaining, and display a wide range of emotions by the simple mean of showing you… people, just cooking and enjoying what they do.

The array of emotions displayed in this graphic novel is very well balanced, just like a well-seasoned meal. It talks to our soul, to our inner wishes.

Rolando was so bored at his job as an ad designer that he crushed his right hand in order to stop working. It may seem like an irrational thing to do, but sometimes we react irrationally when we feel trapped, right? Now he has his settlement money and no purpose in life, that is, until he meets Nera.

Nera is a free spirit. She lives in the moment, with no strings attached. She is taking care of an old van, doesn’t pay taxes nor has a job, she just is.

The connection they feel once they meet at a rock concert seems genuine, but the spark really ignites when Rolando offer her his money in order to re-convert their van into a food truck and tour around Mexico with it.

The story could perfectly happen North of the border, though. Maybe that’s why it has resonated so well with American audiences.

The problem is, when success hits, they face the rage of another food vendor, a terrorizing group that is used to burning and menacing every other food truck in the vicinity.

The band rides bikes and is known as “Hellpigs.” Weirdly enough, they are not the center of the narrative; it resolves, but it’s just one layer of the onion.

Onion Skin was the winner of Mexico’s first ever National Young Graphic Novel Award (in 2016), this is a translation from the Spanish, and a great addition to your comic book table.

‘Onion Skin’ is on sale since May, 2021.

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Publish Date: May, 2021
Type: FC
Page Count: 160
ISBN: 978-1-60309-489-4

Featured image by Edgar Camacho, all images belong to Top Shelf Productions

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