Review: Bat-Tech by Spin Master Shows Off Batman’s Wonderful Toys

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Spin Master has been selling Batman figures for a bit now, but their new Batman Bat-Tech line is an impressive new set of 12″ and 4″ figures that make me want to stop what I’m doing and just play. I was lucky enough to be sent an exclusive figure made just for the never-happened 2020 NY Toy Fair. Only 1,000 were made and it’s faaaancy.

Look at that cool armor! Check out those gadgets and batarangs! You’re just going to have to do it from that photo though, because the second this toy came in, my 10-year-old snagged it from me. No appeals of “But it’s a collectable” would be listened to. This boy once said to me “You know what happens to people who keep toys in their boxes, Aba? Their kids bother them EVERY day to open the box. Is THAT what you want?”

With that said, I am very impressed by the Bat-Tech line’s playability. I’m not used to 4″ toys having this level of playability. They also have two “chase” figures, a blue armor Batman and an all Purple Joker. I actually saw that Batman at Target the other day. I’m debating hitting up a store for their 4″ Nightwing toy, as I’m a Titans fan from waaaay back. Speaking of Nightwing, check THIS out:

Source: Spin Master

You can also get 12″ versions of the figures. I was sent a 12″ Nightwing and a honestly creepy 12″ Joker that I have not taken out of the box. Really. This is the PERFECT size for younger fans who might not have the same level of patience for a smaller toy, and yet they’re just as richly detailed.

I’m also impressed with the price point for both. 4″ figures start at $7.99 and the 12″ go for $9.99. Not bad.

Oh wait, one ore thing… did I mention the Batmobile? While I was not sent one, Spin Master makes a severely dope 2-in-1 Bat-Tech Batmobile. Similar to a previous, non-Bat-Tech model, this one has been updated. New paint applications make it look nice and fancy. Why is it 2-in-1? Because you can lift the hatch and launch the Bat Boat! This $19.99 toy will accommodate any of your 4″ figures (sorry, the 12″ guys get their own ride with no boat).

All-in-all, an impressive array of toys that should be great for fans of all ages. Including me, if my son would only share.

Note: Free toys were provided by Spin Master for this review

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