Kickstarter Alert: ‘Seek OUT!’ Sets Up Nature Scavenger Hunts for All

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Another parent at my daughter’s school has started a Kickstarter campaign for a game idea, and I thought it looked like a good project.

Seek OUT! is a set of cards that focuses on having scavenger hunts in the great outdoors. Cards might tell you to find a bird song, ants in a line, or something smaller than your hand, along with relevant facts that kids (and grown-ups!) are sure to find interesting. The idea is to help kids pay attention to the world around them.

Most of the rules for the pack of 29 cards are variations on the theme of one person directing the hunt and the others actually seeking the items, but it’s not hard to imagine any number of other possibilities, from solitaire rounds for your own enjoyment to motivating grumpy kids on a hike. 

The game also suggests sharing discoveries with other players via hashtags on social media, so you can see what people find in different parts of the country or world.

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