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Kickstarter Alert: Learn About Circuits with Spintronics

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Here’s a cool Kickstarter campaign that just launched today: Spintronics. Designed by Paul Boswell, the guy behind the Turing Tumble mechanical computer that funded a few years ago, Spintronics teach you about circuits—but with a mechanical system! Boswell has found a way to represent voltage and currents using a chain-driven system, making it easier to see what’s going on and bringing these concepts to life (with a delightfully steampunk aesthetic).

My kids and I were really impressed with the Turing Tumble, which used a puzzle book to introduce you to various concepts, so I’m pretty confident that Spintronics will also be a very cool educational toy.

I’ll be getting a hands-on demo soon and will be working on a more in-depth review, but for now you can visit the Kickstarter page for more info!

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