Mophie Powerstation Go review

GeekDad Review: Mophie Powerstation Go Ensures You’re Never Stranded, Devices Always Charged

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Mophie makes a wide range of accessories for mobile devices, including power banks like the Powerstation Wireless XL I reviewed last summer. Some of the company’s solutions pack a surprising amount of functionality into a single device. A perfect example is the Mophie Powerstation Go. I’ve had a sample of this product for over a year, and I can’t believe just how useful it’s been. The Powerstation Go is a 44,400mWh battery with wireless charging, a pair of USB charge ports, a 65W AC outlet, a flashlight, and to top it all off, it’s also a vehicle jump-starter.

Mophie Powerstation Go review
The top of the Powerstation Go is equipped with a Qi wireless charge pad. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Everything You Need to Charge Your Mobile Devices

As a portable charger, the Powerstation Go is equipped to cover off pretty much any scenario. On top is a Qi wireless charge pad. On the front are a pair of USB Type-A ports. You’ll need to remember to pack some cables (Lightning or USB-C) in the convenient carry bag to charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, or whatever, but the Powerstation Go has all the outputs you’ll need. You can charge multiple devices simultaneously and the Powerstation Go has the juice to fully charge them, multiple times—not just top them up.

Plus an AC Outlet

What takes the Powerstation Go to the next level is the inclusion of a 65W AC outlet. This means you’re not just limited to USB charging. If you have a laptop, for example, you can plug its power adapter into the AC outlet. The cutoff is 65W. No gaming laptops, but that covers a lot of ultralight and portable laptops such as Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro.

Mophie Powerstation Go review
On one end of the Powerstation Go, you’ll find a 65W AC outlet. (Photo by Brad Moon)

You can also use the Powerstation Go’s AC outlet to not just charge devices, but to run them. For example, I used it to power a 14-inch, swiveling desktop fan. It ran for an hour and a half off the Powerstation Go’s battery.

The Car Jump-Starter Works Well

The feature that really won me over on the Powerstation Go was its jump-starter capability. When I first received the review sample, I didn’t think much of that. Despite living in Canada where winters are cold and batteries can often feel the effect, I have not had to do much jumpstarting.

Mophie Powerstation Go review
The included carry bag keeps everything organized, and instructions for use are printed on it so you’ll always have them. (Photo by Brad Moon)

However, with the pandemic and lockdowns, our vehicles were being driven for short hops—mostly to the grocery store. As a result, both my wife’s car and my SUV suffered several dead batteries.

Normally, I dread having to jump-start a car. It happens infrequently enough that I forget the procedure and have to look it up. Cables often spark, which is unsettling if you’re not comfortable under the hood. And you have to find a second vehicle to provide the jump-start, then position it close enough to for the cables to reach. It’s a pain.

With the Powerstation Go, the process was incredibly smooth and easy. Mophie prints the instructions right on the bag. Pop the hood, plug the jumper cables into the Powerstation Go, connect them to the appropriate battery terminals, push the button to activate the Powerstation Go, start the car. No searching for instructions, no having to find a second vehicle, no sparking cables. And even though it’s a bit bulkier than standard power banks, the Powerstation Go, complete with cables, takes up way less space in a car than a set of jumper cables.

I had done three jump-starts last year before realizing I had yet to recharge the Powerstation Go, and it was still showing three-quarters of a charge. I used it again a few weeks ago. Its performance on that front has been flawless.

There is an integrated flashlight, which is handy for seeing under the hood in the dark. The one limitation to be aware of is that the jumper cables are fairly short, about one foot each. If your vehicle’s battery is in a tough-to-reach spot, that might be an issue.

Mophie Powerstation Go review
The jumpstarter feature works well and is easy to use. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Mophie Powerstation Go Key Specs

• 44,400mWh battery
• Qi wireless charge pad
• 2x USB Type-A ports (2.4A)
• 65W AC outlet
• Integrated LED flashlight
• LED battery level lights
• 7.2 x 3.8 x 1.7-inches, weighs 1.6 pounds
• MSRP $159.95
• Available in multiple color options
• Includes cloth carry bag (with instructions printed), wall charger, car charger, spark-proof jumper cables
• 2-year warranty


There are plenty of portable power stations that are smaller and cost less than this one. But the sheer amount of functionality and power in this unit are tough to beat. Being able to charge your smartphone or tablet is one thing, but having an AC outlet that lets you plug in a laptop or even power a small electrical device like a fan takes it to another level of usefulness. And if you’ve ever had a dead battery in your car you’ll appreciate how convenient the Powerstation Go’s jump-starting functionality is.

For $159.95 the Mophie PowerStation Go deserves a spot in any vehicle on a road trip. Go with Rose Gold as the color option, and you can even knock that price down to $89.95 (at the time of writing), at which it becomes an absolute no-brainer.

Disclosure: Mophie provided a Powerstation Go for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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