Review- ′Usagi Yojimbo Issue # 18: The Tengu War, Part III′

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Stan Sakai (Author, Artist, Cover Artist)

Usagi Yojimbo #18 finishes the story between these different types of yokai.

As we knew, the “feral” Guhin Tengu, that are a wild mix between wolves and dogs, have invaded the Western Peak. Believed to be a special and holy place by Japanese folklore, this is traditionally the home of the higher races of tengu.

Usagi has joined his former master, Sojobo and his Tengu clan, to resist the attacks.

Usagi is also worried because he has bested a member of the second rank tengus, a Karasu named Buichi. He bears now a grudge against him, because he decided against taking his life in our last issue. Such a debt can only be paid in blood.

Now, Sojobo′s wife has taken Usagi as their companion, and even has accepted a sweet mocha treat from him. Soon, this peaceful interlude will come to an end, and the biggest, meanest of the Guhin Tengu will lead the final attack.

His name is Yaban, and when he first met Sojobo he had fiercely removed his hand. In return, the leader of the Dai tengu has removed an eye from him, you may accurately say that they bear a grudge against each other.

′Usagi Yojimbo Issue # 18: The Tengu War, Part III′ is on sale since April, 2021

AVAILABLE: April 2021

Featured image by Stan Sakai, all images belong to IDW Comics


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