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The new children’s music label 8 Pound Gorilla Records is already making an impact as they begin releasing songs and videos for the under-12 market. Indie duo Rabbit! (Ashton Allen and Devin Moore) came together to record tunes for adults, which began to get optioned for commercials. Inquiries for more poppish material led them down the pathway to kids’ recordings, and here we are 10 years later on the cusp of an April EP entitled Happiness Is Simple. To whet your appetite, there’s even a delightful animated video for the number, which features a singalong chorus, a “whoa whoa whoa” refrain, and the message:

Happiness is simple
Give away more than you keep

Rabbit! will release the full EP on April 2. Grab the song at Amazon Music and Deezer. In the meantime, here’s the debut of their new video “Happiness Is Simple”:

Comedy and children’s music go hand in glove, but there’s a fine line: how much fart humor can adults endure? To that end comes It’s For You…, the new EP from German comedian Flula Borg and Go Banana Go

There’s the pure silliness of “Funky Fresh,” where Flula talks about a string of ridiculous incidents that miraculously happen on the same day, including a brontosaurus making his bed, a robot delivering a loaf of bread, and flying into outer space on a frog. On “Bugs (Are Disgusting),” Flula turns around the Randy Newman vibe of “If I Didn’t Have You” and dissects why you shouldn’t be afraid of insects. There’s even an extended “guess my name” segment where my 10-year-old burst into laughter at the sheer length. 

Plus you get two versions of “Who Tooted,” stinky and non-stinky. As I said, you will either be amused or sigh heavily (or both). My kids are not exactly mavens for accents. As Ben pointed out mid-listen, “It’s Doctor Doofenshmirtz (from Phineas and Ferb).” Well, not quite, but Flula might enjoy the comparison. He and Go Banana Go! are evil geniuses (sub-teenage division) for their creation of infectious, distinctive comic kids music.

It’s For You…. is available on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music.

Here’s the video of Go Banana Go!’s song “German Lessons”:

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