5 Fantastic D&D Gifts for Someone Special This Valentine’s Day

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Show a D&D fan you really care this Valentine’s Day with one of these extra special D&D gifts

Occasions like Valentine’s Day and birthdays are the perfect opportunity to show how much someone means to you with an extra special, thoughtful gift. So why not pick up one of the following D&D gifts and show someone you really care?

Whether a Dungeon Master, a veteran player of countless campaigns, or a relative newcomer to Dungeons & Dragons, they’ll appreciate the thought and consideration that goes into a gift that goes alongside their hobby.

You might not have any idea what they’re going on about when they talk about D20s, Rolling for Initiative, or Playing with Disadvantage, but they’ll know you care when you get them one of these perfect D&D gifts.


Dice are always a solid choice for D&D gifts—the fancier and more unusual the better. This Blue Metal Dice Set that is available from Amazon has some of the coolest dice I’ve seen, but there are many more out there if you know where to look. You don’t have to go as far as getting some Baked Beans dice, but some unusual dice will be sure to win the heart of a D&D aficionado. 

D&D gifts

Critical Role Merch

If they’re a fan of Critical Role (and there are a lot of us!), then it will be well worth your time perusing the shop at citrole.com to find that perfect D&D gift. Perhaps they’re a Vex fan and would like the Dagger, Dagger, Dagger t-shirt, or do they have the hots for Scanlan and this cool Scanlan Funko Pop? However, if you know they’re a Critter, but don’t know if they prefer Vox Machina or the Mighty Nein, then you can’t go wrong with this Don’t Forget to Love Each Other mug—it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day message of inclusion and acceptance.

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Monster Fight Club Scenery

d&d gifts

Tabletop scenery or terrain make wonderful, if not unexpected, D&D gifts—especially if that special someone is a Dungeon Master. And who better to supply your D&D terrain than a team of hobby industry veterans whose purpose is to evolve tabletop gaming through fun and unique board game experiences like the guys a Monster Fight Club? Featured here are the Twilight Forrest, Sapphire Crystal Nodes, and Hidden Cave, all of which will feature in my upcoming Valentine’s D&D one-shot, and they’re much more cost effective than some of the other more hardcore scenery pieces you can get elsewhere.

Geeky Clean bath goodies


These bath bombs come in a number of funky polyhedral designs and, once used, leave behind various dice ready-to-use in your next D&D game. Geeky Clean is a fantastic UK-based company with products available worldwide. They also produce excellent lip balms, soaps, and bath sherbets for all manner of bath-based adventures, as well as these vegan leather dice trays!

Special Offer! Use the code: geekdad when checking out to receive 10% off your Geeky Clean purchase.

Spell Card and Monster Organizer

D&D gifts

Perfect for Dungeon Masters and players alike, these monster and spell card binders are the ideal way of keeping track of creatures, spells and items in game and make excellent D&D gifts. If your someone special is anything like me then the only thing holding them back in the D&D games is their office organization skills—or lack thereof. With these binders they can have all their D&D card in one place and there’s also space for additional larger cards or handouts. 



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  1. Critical Role merch is always great but there are some other awesome clothing gifts DMs can be gifted! My personal favorite spot is http://www.partytreasurebox.com because it’s a more modern approach to geeky apparel but there are tons of other great retailers online as well.

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