Review – Future State: Catwoman #1 – Claws of the Resistance

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Future State: Catwoman #1 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Future State: Catwoman #1 – Ram V, Writer; Otto Schmidt, Artist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Continuing the current run of Catwoman but with a Future State twist, this issue is one of the least unique of the event so far but also one of the most entertaining. Ram V had set up a strong take on Selina in his few issues and this issue feels very much like it spins out of that. It’s just that the stakes are much higher. Taking place in the Magistrate’s Gotham, it opens with a stark segment as hundreds of prisoners—most of whom are children—are herded onto a train to be taken to a brutal reformatory. When one man tries to speak out, he’s brutally beaten and possibly killed in front of the others as an example. So it’s no surprise that Selina has been watching, and plans to derail this deportation by any means necessary with the help of her new team of allies. There’s only one problem—to save the kids on board, she’s going to have to steal an entire high-tech train armed with hundreds of guards.

Last stop. Via DC Comics.

While this series has the regular writer on board, it has guest art by Otto Schmidt who hasn’t lost a step from the gorgeous art he did on Green Arrow early in Rebirth. He’s an excellent choice for a high-speed train robbery with some gorgeous action scenes and some genuine tension in the moments up to Catwoman’s arrival. The reveal of the “high-value prisoners” also being transported on the train are two-fold. One comes out of nowhere, but adds some interesting stakes to the story. The second is a complete shock but doesn’t quite make sense with what we’ve seen before in other titles. It’s the reveal of Selina’s secret ally behind the mask that’s more interesting, though, and I’m excited to see what goes on between these two characters in this and other books. Many of the Future State books feel like prequels to upcoming titles, but this one feels like a smooth continuation. It works for the run overall, because the writer was able to set it up in advance.

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