Hasbro Pulse Brings Drizzt Do’Urden to (Toy) Life!

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I just got my hands on the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Drizzt & Guenhwyvar action figure set (exclusively available to order on Hasbro Pulse), and I can’t remember being this excited about a toy in a very long time.

There are certain fictional characters who live and grow with you your entire life. For me, Drizzt Do’Urden is one of those characters. I began reading The Legend of Drizzt when Homeland was published. It’s the first book (chronologically) in the 36-book saga, and I was immediately hooked and have read every book since then (including several related stories like The Clerical Quintet). That’s a lot of pages devoted to the life of a single character and it’s rare that a single character (outside of comic books) follows you through life like that and that’s why I’m so danged excited!

But enough about why I am excited, and on to the toy itself! First up, this set packs a ton of stuff into its box and price tag. Not only is it packaged in a beautiful slip case for display, but look at all the goodies! Obviously no Drizzt Do’Urden action figure would be complete without a Guenhwyvar figure and I’m happy to see that not only is she included, but she isn’t just a static animal statue like I would have expected. In addition to the two figures, the set also includes 10 accessories, 6 cards featuring exclusive artwork, and an oversized Icewind Dale d20. The accessories include Drizzt’s twin scimitars Icingdeath and Twinkle along with the panther figurine to summon Guen, Drizzt’s Andahar pendant, an alternate head, two alternate hands, and what I’d call magic sword swishing effects. The hair for both heads is removable and interchangeable, and Drizzt’s piwafwi cloak is also removable (by first removing his head).

I couldn’t help doing a photo of Drizzt holding up Guen’s figurine, and as a nice counter balance, I thought I’d show how posable Guenhwyvar is as well. She’s standing and holding the giant Icewind Dale D20 with no assistance! Her paws are even a slightly different, softer plastic than the rest of her to give her more gripping and kitty paw feel.

As for Drizzt, his articulation and posability, unsurprisingly, is identical to the Marvel Legends figures. His armor is also of a softer plastic so that it bends and flexes as he poses, but is not removable.

Remember that removable hair I mentioned? This face with no hair just screams Jarlaxle to me.

One cool thing about the included art cards is that each one has a phrase written using the Thorass alphabet. I don’t want to take the fun of translating them away so, I’ll only share a short one — “To learn how to use a sword one must first master when to use a sword.” To translate the rest once you get your set, head over to the full Thorass alphabet!

One small note — Drizzt’s cloak and sheaths are stuck through the plastic shell the figures are in and to remove him from the packaging, you’ll need to feed them out through the plastic. If you’re careful, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I was so excited to open him, I didn’t notice and yanked too hard and pulled one of the sheaths free from his belt. It was a quick fix with a drop of glue but seemed worth a small warning.

Are you ready to add Drizzt and Guen to your collection? Head over to Hasbro Pulse and grab yourself a set!

Note: While I received a review copy of the toy from Hasbro, all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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