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Many people are learning new skills using online videos. YouTube and other online sites offer videos teaching how to play musical instruments, how to crochet or knit, as well as many more topics. One of the challenges of learning online is having to take a hand off your guitar or other task in order to pause, rewind, or perform other controls of the video. However, now you can take control of your video learning while keeping your hands on task with the Vidami video-looping foot pedal.

What is Vidami?

Vidami is the latest product from Utility Design. This video-looping foot pedal allows you to control videos on YouTube as well as other currently supported sites. The Vidami sells for $149.99 and is available directly from Vidami.com. Look for sales through Black Friday as well as in December. Vidami is also available from Amazon

What’s in the Box?

The Vidami includes the following:

  • Vidami video-looping foot pedal with attached 5 ft USB cable
  • Instruction card

Vidami currently only works on Chrome and Safari internet browsers.

How to Use Vidami

Vidami plugs directly into your computer’s USB port. Before you start using the Vidami, you need to first register the device and then download and install the Vidami extension for either the Chrome or Safari browsers. The Vidami website has a video that walks you right through the process. Your computer should recognize the device though you may need to restart the computer for the extension to install completely. 

labeled image of Vidami showing the functions of each switch
Vidami makes it easy to control your online videos. Image courtesy of Utility Design.

Once the Vidami is connected and the extension installed, you are ready to go. The Vidami has five buttons on the pedal. The play/pause button pauses and then plays the currently running video. Back will rewind the video 5 seconds. Hold down this button to return to the beginning of the video. The forward button jumps forward 5 seconds. Hold it down to scroll forward and press play/pause to stop. The speed button lets you change the speed of the video from five different speeds: 100%, 75%, 50%, 35% and 20%. Clicking cycles through the various speed option. Finally the loop button lets you create a loop of a section of video of your choosing. Click it once to set the start of a loop and then click it again to set the end of the loop. The video will then continuously play that selection over and over again. Click loop a third time to clear the loop. 

In addition to YouTube, Vidami also works with Vimeo as well as Marty Music, Steve Stine’s Guitar Zoom, MusicIsWin, LinkedIn Learning, JustinGuitar, GuitarTricks, GuitarZero2Hero, and GuitarLessons365. 

Why You Should Get Vidami

The Vidami video-looping foot pedal is clearly designed for those users who are learning to play guitar. Four of my children learned to play guitar, bass, and/or ukulele by watching YouTube videos. Vidami would have been great for them. However, I have found there are a lot of other uses for this product. One of my sons is teaching himself piano by watching online videos. While he does not have a laptop he can put on the piano, he has a Chromebook. Since they use Chrome, Vidami works great on Chromebooks. Many school districts have issued Chromebooks to students for distance learning or parents have purchased them for their own children. Therefore, there are a lot of inexpensive devices out there that can take advantage of Vidami. Since most instruments require two hands to play, Vidami is great for learning how to play and of them.

However, Vidami is great for learning other skills. Knitting and crocheting are other activities which take two hands and have many online videos for instruction. I even tried it out for learning how to do beat video games. Now I don’t have to take my hands off the controller to pause, play, skip forward, or rewind while learning to beat bosses or solve tricky puzzles on my favorite video games. Vidami can be used while working on an automobile so you don’t get greasy hands all over your computer.  I even tried Vidami in my classroom. I sometimes use video clips as parts of my lessons and lectures or for demonstrating something. Normally I would need to be behind my desk controlling the video. With Vidami, I can stay up in front next to the projector screen and with a tap of my toe, pause the video, slow it down, or even create a loop when demonstrating something I want my students to do. 

While Vidami offers convenience and makes it easier to learn skills, it is also a major time-saver. A lot of time is wasted taking your hands off your instrument or project and then grabbing a mouse and placing the cursor over the right controls on the screen. Vidami lets you do all of this with a tap of your foot, thus letting you use most of your practice time doing practice rather than video controls. I found the video-looping and ability to slow down videos very useful as they allow users to customize their practice and learning experience to their personal needs, making this great for musicians and learners of all levels. 

Made in America, Vidami features a metal case and durable switches which can handle the uses for which it is designed. It is easy to set up and use. Since it can be used with Chromebooks, you don’t need a laptop or have to use it next to your desktop computer. If you have a need for hands-free control of online videos, I recommend the Vidami video-looping foot pedal. It also makes a great gift, so check out the Vidami website for holiday sales.

vidami video-looping foot pedal
The Vidami is well made with a metal case and powder black finish. Image courtesy of Utility Design.



Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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