Skeletor Arrives for ‘Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia’

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You may recall that Archon Studios, creators of the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia game, recently sent me one of their limited He-Man on Battle Cat resin miniatures. Well, now it’s time for his arch-nemesis to take the stage, with the arrival of Skeletor on Panthor. As with He-Man, Skeletor will be playable in the board game, and is available to purchase now. Unfortunately, as in the case with He-Man, Skeletor is only available in Europe.

Skeletor’s game card. Image by Paul Benson.

Out of the box, Skeletor on Panthor maintains the same quality sculpting as seen in the previous release.

The Skeletor miniature. Image by Paul Benson.

Left side view of Skeletor. Image by Paul Benson.
And the right side. Image by Paul Benson.

If you’re curious how Skeletor compares to his nephew, here’s a look at both of the miniatures side by side:

Skeletor vs He-Man. Image by Paul Benson.

Quite a dynamic matchup once the two miniatures are paired up! Skeletor on Panthor is limited to 2,000 units, and as of this writing, there were 609 left. But don’t feel like you’ve missed out on He-Man, because you haven’t… there are a few hundred still available on the Archon webshop. The miniatures are $19 each; however, you’ll have to live in Europe (or have a friend or family member that does) to get them.

Keep an eye out for future releases, including the Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia board game launching on Kickstarter soon from Archon Studios and Mattel. You can go to this page to sign up to be notified about the campaign.

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Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of this game for review purposes.

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