Review – Batman: Detective Comics #1030: Gotham Civil War

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Detective Comics #1030 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman: Detective Comics #1030 – Peter J. Tomasi, Writer; Bilquis Evely, Artist; Mat Lopes, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: Few writers have made more out of the fallout from Joker War than Pete Tomasi, and this new issue sends the heroes deeper into a dangerous new era. It opens with a confrontation between the two forces driving Gotham’s new anti-vigilante fervor—law-and-order mayoral candidate Christopher Nanako, and sadistic vigilante The Mirror. Mirror tries to tempt Nanako into making a deal with him to distribute his propaganda, and Nanako angrily refuses. This would seem to debunk any ideas that they could be one and the same—except that no one else sees them together. Mirror wastes no time on his next move, organizing violent flash mobs around the city to draw the Bats out, and attacking anyone who might support vigilantes in the city. Batman even winds up having to break up a violent fight between two teenage graffiti artists who are starting to view the vigilante wars as gang signs.

Nighttime visits. Via DC Comics.

While most of the Bat-family is distracted by this, Bruce is still on the trail of his son. While I’m still not thrilled with Damian’s decision to leave the role of Robin, I have to admit this is easily the best anyone’s done with the concept. This Damian, while he works outside the law, is still very recognizable as a hero. Not only is he exposing conspirators in an attempt on his father’s life, but he’s ready to rescue the villain’s cats if need be! A bloody confrontation with Mirror’s mob near the end of the issue takes a shocking turn that promises to only escalate the conflict, and the end of the issue brings a surprising villain back from limbo to cause more problems for the Bat-family. How much of this is connected? I’m not sure, but Tomasi is doing a great job making Gotham feel like a more dangerous place than it has been in a while. I’m not sure if he’ll get to continue past Future State, but this arc is making a good case that he should.

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