Review – The Flash #763: Tricks and Rings

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The Flash #763 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Flash #763 – Kevin Shinick, Writer; Clayton Henry, Artist; Marcelo Maiolo, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: I would not envy anyone coming onto the Flash after 110 issues of Josh Williamson, but Kevin Shinick takes that challenge on. While the main villain of his run is Doctor Alchemy, this introductory issue has a much less menacing villain—the second Trickster, Axel Asher. The former Strength Force avatar has seemingly gone straight, but when Barry’s Flash ring goes missing mid-run, he’s suspect #1. Flash tracks him down—right to the opening of his totally-legit Superhero themed casino and family fun center. Where the Flash ring just happens to be the top prize in a likely-rigged crane game. As we learn from Barry’s conversation with Iris earlier in the issue, the ring not only has serious utility for him—it holds deep emotional meaning, and he’s ready to do anything to get it back—even if that means playing along with Trickster in a series of absurd high-stakes games and puzzles.

Flash au naturel. Via DC Comics.

What starts as a simple game inside the arcade turns much higher-stakes when several other tricks-and-gimmicks themed supervillains show up to back up Trickster. If you’re thinking Riddler probably wouldn’t lower himself to assist someone like Trickster, there’s a reason for that. Trickster is, as usual, up to his old tricks and things aren’t what they appear. There are some fun fight scenes and Clayton Henry’s art is strong, but the best parts of the issue come when Barry fully reveals what the ring means to him. I’m hoping this helps to put this particular subplot to rest and, combined with the Williamson finale, give Barry some peace and let him move on from his defining tragedy. This was just a teaser for what Shinick has planned for his run and the main plot kicks off next issue, but it’s a promising start. I’m just not sure if more is planned beyond the four issues we have announced before Endless Winter.

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