Check Out Spin Master’s New Batman Toys

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I was very surprised when UPS showed up at my door with this huge box on Friday. What could be inside? Then I noticed the label… it was from Spin Master.

What’s in the box? Image by Paul Benson.

I opened it up and found (along with a lot of bubble wrap) this equally massive black box. To give you an idea of how big it is, I actually took out my tape measurer and discovered that it’s about 2 1/2 feet wide.

Holy Batbox, Batman! Image by Paul Benson.

Having never filmed an unboxing before, I figured this was the perfect opportunity. So I set up my camera on a tall tripod and got to filming. (My friend Audrey argued that this wasn’t an actual unboxing as I wasn’t opening up the cardboard mailer, but I countered that I couldn’t get the tripod to go high enough to fit that huge package onto the screen.) Anyway, here’s the unboxing:

And below you’ll find a gallery of the unboxing and the various toys. The Spin Master Batman line is available on Amazon right now, as well as at other stores.

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