Quarto Classroom Launches on September 1st!

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What Is Quarto Classroom?

Quarto Classroom is a new free video library that uses books from the Quarto Group as teaching tools in educational spaces.

Many videos are accompanied by additional printable materials so students can follow along, participate in the lesson plans, and take the information they learn from the video. Workshops and self-guided discussions will also be available.

They are taking advantage of the wonderful creators behind each book, such as Brett Schilke, creator of Adventures in Engineering for Kids; Stephanie Corfee, creator of Big Ideas For Young Thinkers, to name just a few.

Quarto Classroom Reproduction Lists

Quarto will focus on the following subjects:

• Arts & Crafts
• Drawing
• Social Studies
• Social Emotional Learning
• Science
• Reading & Literacy
• Math
• Geography
• Engineering

Lesson Plans: The genius move is that Quarto already specializes in informative books with gorgeous illustrations, with experts in each respective field, and has always preoccupied itself to provide useful information in each book. We have already reviewed some arts and crafts books of theirs, for example. So, having the authors themselves put their books to the tests via a recorded video and using the book as reference is pretty neat.


First, it’s free. Secondly, you don’t have to purchase every single book to be able to enjoy the lessons. Thirdly, these are great books to draw from, to learn, to enjoy yourself. And probably this wouldn’t have happened without this pandemic.

Many parents and teachers are scrambling right now; many are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of different things they have to prepare, online lessons being one of the most challenging. So I celebrate this initiative and I hope you will hop on, check it out, and enjoy it as well.

Disclosure: GeekDad received access to this product for review purposes, however all opinions remain my own.

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