From the Inbox: ‘Spid the Spider,’ ‘Goner,’ ‘Dinky Dungeon,’ and More Books and Games

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We get a lot of press releases each week. We don’t have time to check them all out, but we’ll pass along the fun-looking ones to our readers. Here’s a selection of the books and games that we saw this week:

spid the spider

Spid the Spider: Enchanting Books Crawl Under Spotlight, Empowering Fathers to Embrace Reading to their Children. Written by John Eaton, the eighteen volumes in the Spid the Spider series shrink young children down to the size of an insect, as they explore with Spid, their new eight-legged friend. Spid lives in a house at the top of the hill; a hardworking arachnid who also enjoys relaxing at his favourite restaurant – Weatherspids! In the newest book, Spid the Spider: Is visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Spid’s escapades get truly global.

Spid the Spider: Is visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is available now:

For more information on the series, to download songs or purchase other books, visit the official website:


gonerGoner – A Dinosaur Survival Adventure Game: Goner is a new single player survival horror video game featuring dinosaurs as your main threat. It’s currently on Kickstarter.


dinky dungeon

Dinky Dungeon is a 3D first person shooter with a charmingly ugly style in which you have to kill whatever you see on sight. You and your grandfather start a dungeon business for trapping evil creatures away from the town and at the start of each level he will ask you to complete some quests. It’s coming to Steam in December.



Jumpala is a game that’s all about strategy, superpowers, sabotage, and stage control. Jump on platforms to turn them your color and collect points before reaching the top. Jumpala will be released on Steam in Early Access in a few weeks and it will include seven playable characters, five stages, local and online play, and keyboard and gamepad support. Check out the free-to-play Tryout Edition here.

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