Review – The Flash #758: Family Reunion

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The Flash #758 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Flash #758 – Joshua Williamson, Writer; Christian Duce, Scott Kolins, Artists; Luis Guerrero, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: As we speed towards the conclusion of Josh Williamson’s run, all the pieces are falling into place for an epic showdown with Reverse Flash and his “Legion of Zoom.” Last issue revealed the final members—the Tornado Twins, Barry’s children from the future, who were left there alone when he had to go save the universe and sacrifice himself. But whether he knew of their existence when he came back (several reboots later), one thing’s for sure, it’s not a happy family reunion. With Central City under siege, Barry sends Iris and his sidekicks out of the city and makes sure his father (barely mentioned in this run) is safe in their safe house, before getting ready to take the fight back to Thawne. But the villains aren’t having an easy time either; Trickster is getting antsy, Turtle and Grodd are ready to kill each other, and it’s all Thawne can do to keep his war squad from turning on each other instead of Flash.

Cleanup crew. Via DC Comics.

Williamson has done an amazing job of building up the tension between Barry and Thawne over the course of this run, and much like Joker over in Joker War, this attack feels intensely personal and deeply petty. Thawne is looking to hurt Barry as much as possible, and the ending twist calls back to an iconic recent storyline from the competition, as Thawne gets his chance to bury the Flash legacy in a ditch once and for all. But nothing prepared me for the final two pages, as legendary Flash artist Scott Kolins returns for a two-page segment taking place in the Speed Force, as two major faces from the history of the Flash return in a shocking cliffhanger. Over the last few years, it feels like the walls keeping the different eras of the DCU apart are falling apart, and Williamson’s run is calling back to Flash eras long gone. The final arc is being set up for a great finish.

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