Review – Lois Lane #10: Multiversal Theory

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Lois Lane #10 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Lois Lane #10 – Greg Rucka, Writer; Mike Perkins, Artist; Andy Troy, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: Greg Rucka’s Lois Lane series has been a return to strong characterization for the title character and for Renee Montoya, but it’s also sort of been all over the map in terms of plot – especially since it had to account for several different stories happening mid-run in other titles. But as we hit the last act, it becomes clear this isn’t just a Lois Lane story – it’s essentially a sequel to everything Rucka’s written for DC. That’s both its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. Hunted by a mysterious assassin known only as The Kiss, Lois has assembled a motley crew of fellow detectives and agents including Renee, Sister Clarice, and Jessica Midnight. But are these the versions of these characters we know? In the case of Jessica, apparently not – and that’s where this issue shifts into something that takes a surprisingly street-level look at some of the biggest and most cosmic concepts in the DCU.

Map of the Multiverse. Via DC Comics.

Mike Perkins has always been a strong artist, but he’s usually known for low-key and noir-influenced stories. So it’s a surprise to see him doing a trio of double-page spreads essentially explaining multiverse theory to a very confused Jessica Midnight – who is only starting to remember her true identity and abilities. Most of this issue is spent preparing for an elaborate ambush against the Kiss, but there’s time for a brief reunion between Lois and Superman where we get a glimpse of just how frustrating it is to try to have a conversation with a man who can hear emergencies from miles away. It’s an amusing segment, but it also sets up the ambush at the end of the issue. I’m just not sure who’s ambushing who, because this is Lois and her allies at their craftiest. The issue ends with a major player in mortal peril, but I’m not particularly worried. It’s an odd title, but one that serves as a strong spotlight for some of Rucka’s best characters.

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