New "Kent" Tracksuit from SuperX is Super all the way around.

Bring Out Your Inner Superhero with SuperX Apparel + Discount!

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Dress like a Superhero

We have so many options for training apparel, but not all are created equal, some are simply… super. Exceptional joggers, hoodies and shirts created by SuperX Apparel are inspired by some of the most famous superhero costumes of popular culture. According to the founder, “Every story has an origin and SuperX was created to help you start yours. In your story, you’re the hero and we are your armory, equipping you with the most unique training apparel on earth.” The different designs are inspired by a popular costume, not a copy of one; all trademarks mentioned in this post are for descriptive or identification purposes only, and no endorsement or affiliation is intended or implied, and none should be inferred.

New "Kent" Tracksuit from SuperX is Super all the way around.
New “Kent” Tracksuit from SuperX is Super all the way around.
Image Credit: SuperX Apparel

Increasingly, the same training apparel that was originally relegated to the gym for workouts, is now just as welcome as casualwear – especially now, while so many of us are working from home and do not necessarily need to dress for the office. We were sent a few items from the collection for purposes of this review; all opinions are, of course, our own. The Wayne V3 joggers instantly became my absolute favorite for these days of working from home, they are insanely comfortable and Batman-inspired design definitely lends me a bit of fortitude when I need it. Just as importantly, the quality of the joggers and the Ronin hoodie is incredible – far better than most casualwear that I own (even far more expensive items); I am quite confident that SuperX items are built to last for years.

Train like a Superhero

The founders of SuperX have not limited themselves to just providing the gear that heroes want, they also have the SuperFit Training program, encouraging us to “train like a superhero” and work towards developing the ripped physique of the actors portraying on-screen superheroes.

Be like a Superhero

Today (May 28, 2020) SuperX has released their newest tracksuit (matching joggers and hoodie), this one a red and blue ensemble with the codename “Kent”, plus a new training facemask, and a chest running pack. To celebrate the new iconic outfit, SuperX Apparel is launching a huge Pre-Order Launch event featuring new SuperX items.

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I have been excitedly discussing the new items with the team at SuperX for the past few months, while they have been testing multiple variations of every detail of each product to narrow down the exact final version for release. The SuperX commitment to innovation in their designs has kept up with current trends, while staying true the superhero aesthetic.

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