Review – ‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ #2: Luthor’s Gambit

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Batman: The Adventures Continue #2 title page, via DC Comics.

Batman: The Adventures Continue: Chapter Two – Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Writers; Ty Templeton, Artist; Monica Kubina, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: The creative team of Dini, Burnett, and Templeton threw us for a loop in the first issue of this revival when they revealed that Batman wouldn’t be going up against one of his iconic enemies but against Lex Luthor and a giant Fleisher-era inspired robot. That sets up an interesting dynamic, as Batman is out of his element against heavy-duty threats with ties to outer space. The introduction of the remnants of another iconic Superman villain makes it clear Luthor is operating a scheme on a Justice League level here, and Batman barely survives his first encounter. But a clue to the source of the power of Luthor’s robot sets Batman on a new mission, and this issue has a fantastic twist ending that makes this a sequel not just to the Batman animated series but to the entire DCAU that Dini and Timm built with their team over close to two decades.

Old enemies. Via DC Comics.

There are a few dialogue glitches here and there. Both Luthor and Batman’s dialogue seems a little too flip and trash-talking at times, especially Batman (who comes off as closer to Terry McGinnis in one scene). But the return of another favorite from the Dini-Timm ‘verse is the best scene of the issue, and seeing Alfred and Mercy in small roles is very appreciated. We’ve been promised a lot of new elements, and now that this first crossover arc is over I expect we’ll start getting them. This is going to be one “episode” in comic book form, which means we’ve got five more coming, starting with Deathstroke. Jason Todd is still lurking around the fringes, waiting to come into the fray and challenge Bruce, and that’ll be intriguing to see play out. I’m not sure this quite feels like the animated series just yet, but it’s definitely a strong all-ages take on the world of Gotham that’s growing with every issue.

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