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Welcome to the Playmobil Playroom, where we take a monthly peek inside those impressive blue boxes and see what treasures await within. Sometimes we’ll have step-by-step photos walking you through assembly, maybe we’ll discuss and review a particular set or theme, or maybe we’ll have an unboxing video.

Playmobil’s Scooby-Doo! sets are the perfect way to get excited about the upcoming Scoob! film! I watched a lot of Scooby-Doo! as a kid (I have to admit the episodes with special guest stars like Batman and Robin and Phyllis Diller were my favorites), and after seeing the movie trailer with my kids, we’re all very excited to see the future of Scooby-Doo! But while we wait, let’s play with Scoob!

Here’s our unboxing video of the sets we received.


Mystery Machine

  • Product Number: 70286
  • Number of pieces: 72
  • Number of figures: 3 – Fred, Daphne, and Velma
  • Extras required: A small Philips head screwdriver to install the batteries (batteries ARE included!)

Scoob & Shaggy with Ghost

  • Product Number: 70287
  • Number of pieces: 22
  • Number of figures: 3 – Shaggy, Scooby, and Ghost
  • Extras required: None!

Mystery Figure Series 1

  • Product Number: 70288
  • Number of pieces: Varies (Our figure came with 9)
  • Number of figures: 1
  • Extras required: None!

Ease of Build

On a scale of 1-5, these sets are a 2. The Mystery Machine assembles pretty quickly and with minimal effort, and there’s only a handful of stickers. The majority of the parts in these sets are accessories that just get placed and played with wherever! The only part my kids needed help with was installing the batteries, since it required unscrewing the battery compartment lid.

Coolest Features

  • Glow-in-the-dark-ghost – Who doesn’t love things that glow-in-the-dark?
  • The light-up screen – In general, I’m not personally a fan of lights for the sake of lights, but the way the screen lights up the swap-able panels is pretty dang neat!
  • Everyone fits in the Mystery Machine!
  • STICKERS! Each character comes with a sticker.


As expected, the ghost is really just a human in disguise! But that doesn’t stop him from scaring those pesky kids (and my own). My daughter especially loves piling everyone in the van and chasing and running away from the ghost and bad guy. With a removable top and cab, and both a rear and side panel that open, the van is super easy to get in and out of and play with. It also makes it a lot more mobile than a lot of bigger sets, which means that play with these Scooby-Doo! sets went everywhere in the house versus having to be set up somewhere stationary—definitely increasing the playability!

(Disclosure: This Playmobil set was provided free of charge for review purposes. All opinions remain our own.)

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