Coming Soon: ‘Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake’

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Friday the 13th box. Image by The Op.

Today is Friday the 13th, a date now indelibly linked with Jason Voorhees since the very first Friday the 13th movie hit the silver screen in 1980. Since then, there have been 9 sequels, a spinoff with Freddy vs Jason, a remake, and a videogame. Now The Op (formerly Usaopoly) is poised to introduce the first licensed Friday the 13th board game.

What Is Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake?

Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake is a survival-style horror board game for 3-6 players. It’s recommended for ages 17+, due to the adult content (after all, the Friday the 13th movies are all R-rated!). Playtime is an estimated 60 minutes. It’s looking to arrive in stores this summer.


Game components. Image by The Op.

The game will contain the following:

  • 6 Player Boards
  • 1 Cabin Board
  • 10 Critical Supply Cards
  • 6 Backpack Cards
  • 64 Fear Cards
  • 88 Blood Spatter Tokens
  • 6 Escape Tokens
  • 6 Player Tokens
  • 1 Night Tracker
  • 67 Supply Tokens
  • 1 Camp Bag
  • 1 Rulebook


In this light strategy, press-your-luck style game, you and your friends will be playing horror cliché camp counselors. You’ll be trying to collect supplies and evade attacks from Jason, and can even turn against your friends and steal supplies from other players!  Can you survive five nights of terror at Camp Crystal Lake?

If you’d like to know more about Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake, you can read The Op’s coming soon announcement, or go to their product page. Look for Jason to come stalking after board gamers everywhere this summer.

Box back. Image by The Op.


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