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Lucifer #16
Lucifer #16 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #16 – Dan Watters, Writer; Max Fiumara, Artist; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: The lead-up to the Wild Hunt continues in Lucifer #16, as Lucifer’s search for the hunted God leads him to his estranged ally Mazikeen. She’s now running a shop of cursed antiques with a sniveling supernatural assistant – which leads to some hilarious scenes like her haggling Excalibur down to $200 with an unfortunate guy who really doesn’t want to be king.

Mazikeen’s had herself upgraded with a fancier mask and a silver tongue, which makes her speech much easier for the reader to decipher. I’m glad – I criticized this a lot in the early going, as making an issue difficult for the reader to follow is never a good thing, no matter the cause. I’m also glad because I can follow the whip-sharp dialogue between the two of them much better. Lucifer’s betrayal of Mazikeen in the last arc has left serious scars, and we’re actually seeing them stick rather than seeing Lucifer easily forgiven. Despite this, the current crisis has forced them together again.

Welcome to hell. Via DC Comics.

The other parts of the issue are no less compelling, as we get a look into the various players of the Hunt. The Hunted God, whoever she is, isn’t much of a god as Lucifer spies on her. She’s a middle-aged spinster, berated by her emotionally abusive mother and missing her long-gone father. But despite her seeming harmlessness, she’s still hunted by some of the most powerful beings in existence, including Odin. The leader of the Norse Gods is a prominent figure in comics as Thor’s father, of course, but this is a very different version. He’s stark, ruthless, and cruel, willing to march through hell to get what he needs – literally.

A segment where he submits to the tortures of hell in order to keep his hands on a prized artifact is one of the most dramatic – and gruesome – of the series. As always, this is not a comic for the faint of heart, but it’s one that pays off when you make it through.

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