Quick Hits: Parker & Alexander Non-Secular Kids Music, Awesome From Jesse Jukebox

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Non-secular children’s music walks a fine line between entertainment and enlightenment. Every Christmas song ever recorded (with the exception of “Last Christmas”) qualifies as non-secular. However kids of all religions happily sing along when December rolls around. If you’re in the market for story-oriented modern interpretations of classic religious tales, (Brendan) Parker and (Erick) Alexander have released All Of Us: Bible Songs for Everyone.

“All Of Us” from Parker and Alexander.

The duo are also responsible for a multitude of amusing non-secular children’s CDs recorded as Spaghetti Eddie, over the past several years. All Of Us covers creation to the Nativity to the stories of Noah and Jonah (and the whale). They have branded their new project under their own names to disengage from the more generic Spaghetti Eddie brand. The songs are bright and filled with uplifting sentiment, perfect for certain developing religious sensibilities. You can order All Of Us from Parker & Alexander’s website.

What if Seth Rogen decided to record children’s music? I have a feeling it would sound (and look) something like Jesse Jukebox (otherwise known as Jesse Freidberg). A children’s music educator and performer, Jesse teaches kids how to play instruments on his website, as well as tells stories, and acts as a font of unassuming entertainment.

Jesse’s third CD, Awesome! drops next week. The title track is now available as a video, featuring sign language from his deaf friend Jaison Anderson. They recount a large number of things that are, well, awesome. Here, watch for yourself:

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  1. Plenty of non-Christian kids have issues with “non-secular” music around the solstice. Not all of them sing along. Songs about the Nativity are not for “All of Us” or “Everyone”.

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