‘Pokémon Home’ Launches Next Month

Pokemon HOME Logo
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February 2020 will see the release of Pokémon Home, a new cloud service that will support the storage and migration of Pocket Monsters between Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and your mobile device.

The Nintendo Switch version of Home includes connectivity to all four flavors of Switch Pokémon games—Sword, Shield, Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Let’s Go, Eevee!—as well as support for the previous Nintendo 3DS app, Pokémon Bank. The mobile version of Pokémon Home will also include Pokémon Bank support, with plans to add Pokémon GO integration at a later date.

Connecting HOME to Pokemon Games
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This means you’ll have access to global and friend trading on your smartphone as well as on your Switch by simply using the same Nintendo Account for both devices. Additional features include a full National Pokédex (including Mega Evolution/Gigantamax forms), special Mystery Gifts, and, for Premium enrollees, a Judge function—because what’s better than judging other people’s Pokémon?

The Premium Plan is tiered, with one month costing $2.99, 90 days for $4.99, and a full year $15.99. You can check out more Premium features and other info at the official web presence of Pokémon Home.

Pokemon HOME versions
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