Review – Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #6: Last Stand in Space

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Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #6
Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #6 cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #6 – Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Writers; Tom Derenick, Artist; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #6, the third of this week’s Walmart wrap-ups, closes probably the most conventional of the three stories, but one of the most entertaining. Diana’s journey through a twisted island filled with monsters that turned into a space battle has been a fascinating and unpredictable tale that paired her with allies (Steve, Etta), enemies (Cheetah), and unlikely teammates (Jonah Hex). Last issue revealed that their ally Princess Sibella was actually the mastermind behind the plot, pulling off an elaborate gladiator match.

But as this issue begins, Diana and her new villain face a much bigger threat in the form of the Light Lords. These massively powerful alien beings have already destroyed the Princess’ home world when she was a child, and now they’ve tracked her down to finish the job. The art by Tom Derenick is at its best when these villains are introduced – there’s a similarity to Doctor Manhattan in the destruction they cause almost casually.

The final showdown begins. Via DC Comics.

Once Diana and Sibella are united against a common cause, Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #6 becomes one of the fastest-paced stories I can remember. Combining virtual reality tech with a high-wire race against time to convince the Light Lords that they’re up against something unbeatable, it’s a great thrill ride of a final battle.

But the issue does a good job with Sibella as well, writing one of the more compelling villain redemption arcs I can remember. Her evil acts aren’t excused, but they are explained, and Diana holds her accountable for her actions while still giving her a chance to make up for them.

The ending may be a bit of a reset that fixes the main problem people would have with the series, but it closes out the storyarcs of everyone involved in a satisfying way. It’s a little weird that Jonah Hex has appeared in two of these, but both Bendis and Palmiotti/Conner clearly have a lot of fun with this wild card. One of the best Wonder Woman stories since Rucka.

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