Review – Nightwing #67: Talon on the Hunt

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Nightwing #67
Nightwing #67 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Nightwing #67 – Dan Jurgens, Writer; Ronan Cliquet, Artist; Nick Filardi, Colorist


Ray – 7.5/10

Ray: The Ric Grayson era seems to be hitting its tipping point, especially in Nightwing #67, as we now know that Dick’s memory loss isn’t the result of brain damage but of an elaborate brainwashing gambit by the Court of Owls.

William Cobb, Dick’s evil Talon ancestor, has successfully completed the project by implanting Dick with false memories of being raised by the Court into an assassin, and the new Talon has been unleashed on his fellow Nightwings as his girlfriend Bea is forced to watch helplessly. I’m amused by how non-menacing Cobb is in this issue – he’s holding Bea hostage, but it’s mostly so they can watch Dick in action in his new guise and argue over whether the programming is going to work. The new Nightwings try their best against their former ally, but Talon!Dick clearly has them outmatched and seriously injures several of them before intervention comes in the form of an unfamiliar face.

Standoff in the streets. Via DC Comics.

That unfamiliar face is Condor Red, a young agent of a mysterious global surveillance force that’s monitoring Bludhaven as the Doom insignia shines overhead. We don’t know much about him or his group, but Red Condor seems like an over-eager young soldier who can’t stand by while people get hurt, and that leads him to jump into the fray. His high-tech suit gives him the edge over Talon!Dick at first, but soon he finds himself overwhelmed and his armor falling apart as the Talon weapons find weak spots.

It’s a good way to illustrate how deadly the Talons are, but the main point seems to be that Dick’s inner goodness will ultimately find a way to assert itself. We knew this would be the endgame, but the ending feels rushed. I think we’ll all be happy to have Dick Grayson back, because while Jurgens has done his best with the concept this whole era has gone on too long.

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