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NYCC: Walking the Floor


It’s 2019, and once again New York Comic Con has rolled through and left an impressive mark. This year, a swell of things hit the nerd world, from The Joker, Disney+, and its big line-up to El Camino and a load of other amazing news. So, of course, this Comic Con was filled with some serious buzz.

For those not into that type of media, video games are also stationed in various areas of the convention center. From big AAA games to indie games, if you are a gamer, this con has what you need. Even the world of tabletop gaming now has a strong presence at the NYCC and, alongside card games, is another reason why fans from all over come by.

One of the biggest reasons that fans come to NYCC is cosplay—from very simple ones to costumes that look expensive as hell. Cosplay has become just as important as the companies and multimedia stars that come to the event. From wrestlers to movie heroes, people put themselves in the roles or multiple famous characters.

Surprisingly, this event is a family-friendly affair that appeals to our entire geek nature. Where else could you go to see your fave TV show hero, play your son’s favorite game, get your daughter’s D&D stuff, and have your wife see the movie star she always talks about?

But through all that, I attempt to dig into all the things that make NYCC a convention that people should at least visit once in their lifetime. So, I man the floor and brave a sea of fans in order to bring you a ground-level view of one of the biggest conventions on the east coast.

Press play and listen to the words of a GeekDad swimming upstream in what we call NYCC 2019.

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