GeekDad Daily Deal: Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Daily Deal

So it’s come to this. Dogs are wanting to know their ancestry. Well, you can’t blame them. With all the mutts and “mixed breeds” in the world, they’ve got to have something to hold on to—even if they don’t have opposable thumbs. With today’s Daily Deal, Embark Dog DNA Test Kit, you can give your dog better assurance than just “who’s a good boy?!” Embark can identify your dog from 250 different breeds based on around 200,000 DNA markers. It also looks at genetic background, ancestry, and relatives. Everything they need is included with the kit; they’ll just have to chase down a mailman to send it in. Once everything is received at the testing labs, their workers will busily begin the process of fetching information so they can Embark on their journey of discovery. Or just chase their tail. Check out more details by clicking the link above.

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