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Geek Daily Deals December 10, 2019: Save 20% on ‘Chicken Time Warp,’ the Perfect Stocking Stuffer Party Game! Today Only!

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chicken timewarp

Save 20% on Chicken Time Warp, the perfect stocking stuffer party game! Today Only!

Chicken Time Warp Card Game – A Time Travel Party Game for 3-6 Players

This post was sponsored by Chicken Time Warp.
While experimenting with time travel, a group of scientist chickens accidentally open an endless time vortex. Their lab and everything in it are sucked inside and only one chicken will escape alive. The object of the game is to acquire the Escape Pod and use it to escape the vortex, leaving your opponents behind to live out the rest of their days in timeless pandemonium. Battle against time and each other in this hilarious game that pays homage to all things time travel!

  • WHAT IS IT? Chicken Chicken Time Warp is a party game for 3-6 players that takes around 30 minutes to play.
  • HOW’S IT DIFFERENT? It’s a “last player standing wins” elimination style game, but the addition of time travel means you can die and come back into the game over and over!
  • WHO’S IT FOR? Party game enthusiasts, game night aficionados and … chicken lovers. Time travel fans will love all the pop culture references as well as the ability to travel back in time in the game.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX? 1 instruction manual – 6 cheat sheet cards – 6 character cards – 11 timeline cards – 54 game play cards

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