Enjoy Live Dungeons & Dragons Gaming and Improvisational Comedy With ‘The Audio Dungeon’

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One of the best parts of playing Dungeons & Dragons is the humor that’s always part of the game. The Audio Dungeon brings that humor to life with their video gaming sessions.

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You can’t help enjoy watching people have fun, and if you’re a gamer, you can easily get caught up in trying to figure out what the DM’s got up their sleeve, too, which is why the various game formats on the Audio Dungeon shows are so great. Yes, they’ve got an ongoing storyline, called The Celestial Wars (see the first episode here) where you can following a team of adventurers for an extended, epic tale.

But they also have three short-format shows that are a load of fun as well. The first, “Riddles in the Dark” involves the DM posing a mystery (set in a fantasy-style setting), and letting the players ask only yes/know questions to find their way to the truth. It’s easy to get into the game, and wish you could ask your questions along with the players!

The second is “Escape the Dungeon,” where one player is set the task of escaping a dangerous RPG situation with their character, with the following caveats: they can decide their character is carrying one mundane item, and they can roll to pull some possibly-useful item out of a bag of holding. Then, it’s all up to the player’s smarts to figure out a solution. Lots of room for second-guessing on these!

Last, and perhaps funniest, is “Super Zeroes,” where the crew, using random semi-useless superhero abilities, must role-play how to save the day working as the superhero team nobody wanted.

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I also have to say they’ve done an amazing job of set design – the whole playing table/console/control center looks like dream! But as geeks, these are our people, and watching these episodes reminds me of so many great hours spent playing RPGs with my friends. If this sounds like fun to you, you can watch them live every Wednesday evening (5:30pm EST) on their Facebook channel.

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