Review – Metal Men #2: Melting Point

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Metal Men #2
Metal Men #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Metal Men #2 – Dan Didio, Writer; Shane Davis, Penciller; Michelle Delecki, Inker; Jason Wright, Colorist


Ray – 7/10

Ray: After last issue set up some very intriguing elements about the Metal Men and their controversial creator Will Magnus, Metal Men #2 pulls back from a character study of Magnus to focus more on the big new arrival – an Nth Metal Man who seems to be obsessed with the scientist.

Metal Men #2 wastes no time setting up just how powerful this potential villain is, but it’s still done very little of showing us exactly what motivates it. Instead, we get the Metal Men quickly bumbling into a fight and being manhandled by their counterpart – with one apparently being killed by having his Responsometer destroyed, the only permanent death that exists for these beings. The character who meets this fate is probably the least developed member of the Metal Men, which makes me think they were chosen specifically for that reason, to set the stakes without upsetting any long-time fans.

Metal is flexible. Via DC Comics.

Dan Didio’s script isn’t as strong as the first issue, although there are some clever moments that show how the Nth Metal Man is playing cat and mouse with Magnus. Shane Davis is the star of the issue, but his version of the Dark Multiverse is a little too bright and sunny for a never-ending realm of giant horrors.

When the enemy emerges from there at the end of the issue, it’s not an eldritch abomination so much as a giant stingray flying through the sky to attack the Metal Men. This feels a lot like recent Silver Age inspired comics like Future Quest and The Terrifics, but without the optimistic edge that defined those books. Instead, there’s a cynical edge and an undercurrent of self-destruction in everything Will Magnus does.

It’s an intriguing start, but it’s not quite sure what comic it wants to be yet. It has ten issues to figure it out, and if it stays on schedule with its artist it should look great while it gets there.

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