Review: ′Alien Bones′—This Graphic Novel Is Just Right for Your Dino-Loving Tween

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You know you are in luck when alien dinosaurs are involved.

Writer: Chris “Doc” Wyatt, Artist: Chris Grine, Cover Artist: Chris Grine

I didn’t know October was International Dinosaur Month, nor did I know that due to some unexpected events it would take another month for me to tackle this novel. Sorry for that.

However, this is a great thing, something that you can imagine yourself watching a whole series of: what would it be like to be a xeno-paleontologist like Liam′s father is? How would you travel? Where would you go to school in a galaxy-wide community?

Liam, Dianna, Rosa, his guardian robot Stan, and Liam′s pet Mr. Squiggles-worth are all for an adventure: one that will include space travel, dimensional gemstones, and a lot of missing. First Liam′s father disappears, then they decided to take a field trip and search for him, and soon all kind of strange spider-like creatures will be looking for them.

Of course there will be space pirates, and a massive secret related to the weird stones xeno-archeologists have been finding across the entire galaxy: gemstones that can provide a series of mysterious forces, and that allow teleportation across far away planets. Maybe that’s what happened to Liam’s dad?

As the author of this adventure says:

When I was a kid, the idea that there might be other planets out in deep space, beyond our solar system, was widely accepted, but wasn’t yet proven. Now I’m a dad and there are literally thousands of exoplanets that’ve been pinpointed. I was inspired to tell the story of Alien Bones because I wanted to thrill my son with an adventure that brought together one of his passions—dinosaurs—with a story that inspires wonder and curiosity about the cosmos.

I am sure this novel idea will attract lots of attention; it reminded me a lot of one of the most funny alien mix ups I’ve ever read: Space Battle Lunchtime.

‘Alien Bones’ has been on sale from 1First Comics since October 2, 2019.

Genre: Graphic Literature, Science Fiction, All Ages
Publication Date: October 2, 2019

Featured image by Chris Grine, all images belong to 1First Comics

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