Review – Lucifer #13: Devil’s Bargain

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Lucifer #13
Lucifer #13 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #13 – Dan Watters, Writer; Sebastian Fiumara, Artist; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: In Lucifer #13, after a year of buildup, Lucifer’s various players have converged and declared war on heaven itself. Not one but two murdered angels have brought the forces of Lucifer’s estranged father down to Earth, but as should surprise no one – Lucifer has several more plans up his sleeve.

The deranged Raguel, while an official agent of God, had long since gone insane due to his role as the Angel of Vengeance and it doesn’t seem like his brothers are particularly sorry to see him gone. But with Caliban mortally wounded and Sycorax’s timeline counting down to oblivion, Lucifer has to act fast to stop from being destroyed by the forces he’s angered. And that’s where the buildup over the last few issues comes in. The fruitless visits to one afterlife after another seemed like a shaggy dog story, but once it becomes clear what Lucifer’s long game is, it’s one of the best moments of this series.

Lucifer pulls off his biggest coup of the series so far, but as is common for this title – he’s not getting away scot-free.

Lucifer #13
Standoff. Via DC Comics.

Lucifer comes up with the perfect long game to prevent war, and satisfy his desire to save his last few human connections, but he didn’t understand the people he was trying to save. He’s given up his humanity a long time ago, and he’s lost the ability to understand it – even if it comes from someone who most people wouldn’t consider human anymore.

Caliban and Sycorax may be leaving the series in one way or another, but they’ve added some great layers to the title character and will be missed. A whole page of Mazikeen’s…unique speaking style drags down the end of the book a bit, but it’s some of the best writing this series has had and makes me wonder where Dan Watters can take this series now that the first big storyline is over.

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