New Book Alert: ‘Fracture’ by EJ Fisch

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‘Fracture’. Image courtesy EJ Fisch

We live in amazing times. Strong female leads are everywhere, fictional and otherwise. Some of them are role models to look up to. Some are perhaps less role model and more deadly assassin, but still worth celebrating.

Author EJ Fisch has just released her newest novel, Fracture. In it, we return to the same distant galaxy we discover in the Ziva Payvan Collection (available from Amazon here) and embark on another fantastic journey of action, suspense, and intrigue.

Those unfamiliar with EJ Fisch and her world building may want to begin with the original trilogy, but Fisch has put effort into making Fracture accessible to anyone, regardless of their fan status. If you want to dive right in, her blog post has plenty of links as a primer. Fisch’s primary characters are Haphezians, a near-human race from the planet Haphez. Confused about how to say it? Not a problem. Fisch has generously given readers a glossary complete with pronunciation guides on her website.

EJ Fisch’s first trilogy, the ‘Ziva Payvan Collection’. Image courtesy EJ Fisch

Fracture opens four years after we last encountered the Haphezian Special Police and the team that consisted of Aroska Tarbic, Ziva Payvan, Skeet Duvo, and Zinni Vax. It’s been a stressful four years, and we learn all about it in the opening chapters. The team, minus Ziva, gets a new assignment and we’re off to the races. What happens next is a fast paced romp through the galaxy culminating on the planet Panuco, but the rest is up to you to read.

‘Fracture’ is available in paperback and ebook. Image courtesy EJ Fisch.

Many of us who are fans of Fisch have been anxiously waiting four years for this novel , but thankfully the second in this series won’t make us wait as long. Ember is under development and I’m already excited to see where Fisch will take me next! If you’re a fan of strong women and science fiction, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to miss this series or any of EJ Fisch’s work.

Fracture ($3.99 for eBook, $14.99 for paperback) and the Ziva Payvan Collection ($5.99 for the trilogy) are both available on Amazon and other booksellers.

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