Review – Deathstroke #47: Awakenings

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Deathstroke #47 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Deathstroke #47 – Priest, Writer; Fernando Pasarin, Carlo Pagulayan, Pencillers; Jason Paz, Cam Smith, Wade Von Grawbadger, Inkers; Jeromy Cox, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: Priest’s work on Deathstroke continues to be the densest and most twisty book in DC’s stable, as every issue delivers more dark turns than may books do in an arc. In Deathstroke #47, in the aftermath of Slade’s death, his kids have gone in dark directions – Jericho cutting a deal with Lex Luthor and Rose becoming obsessed with assassinating Emiko Queen.

After a prologue that sees a pair of teen lovers shot by a redneck gunman in a seemingly unrelated segment, we cut to Hosun and Rose’s apartment – where Deathstroke wakes up in bed, his mind foggy. This seems to be the real Deathstroke, complete with all the scars and the bad attitude, and it seems that he was brought back to life and transported back here by a process that somehow involves Raven. A segment involving him calling Robin was probably the funniest of the issue – but it doesn’t take long to make clear something’s very wrong with this Deathstroke, as he quickly turns on Hosun and kicks off a chaotic chase through the streets.

A rude awakening. Via DC Comics.

Slade may be back – in a sense – but his kids don’t know that, and both of them are continuing on their self-destructive ways. Jericho’s subplot is probably the best part of this story, as he believes he’s doing the right thing but his methods are those of a would-be God. Segments, where he changes the laws of physics and even people’s minds to right wrongs big and small, are a great depiction of how dangerous someone with powers like this can be, and the scenes with his boyfriend – who he brainwashed – have the perfect mix of domesticity with an underlying horror.

Rose, on the other hand, may be moving in the right direction, and her interaction with Emiko is excellent. I said Humphries should get Teen Titans in another review – but this issue shows Priest would be another perfect choice.

The issue ends with a potentially devastating death and a bizarre twist that throws everything we’ve seen for a loop. Just another day in DC’s most consistently excellent book.

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