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If you review/research enough gadgets, your social media ads get interesting. Back in July, I was blitzed with ads for the PrepDeck. Billing itself as an all-in-one kitchen prep station, it led me to do something I haven’t done before: reach out to a company from an advertisement. To my delight, the PrepDeck people were willing to send a unit our way.

Cauliflower… chop!

I recently moved, and my new kitchen is a bit smaller. Having lost my existing prep area, I wanted to see if the PrepDeck could make up for it. The tiny storage containers, detachable cutting board, measuring cups, and hidden tools seemed perfect. But were they all sizzle and no steak?

Note: Bring your own blade.

To test PrepDeck, I used it for my weekly Shabbat meal prep and shared them over social with the #tweetyourshabbat tag. I was very interested in seeing not just how well a meal it made, but what the reaction to it would be.

A quick note: I keep a strictly Kosher home. That means I have duplicates of many kitchen tools for using in meat- or dairy-based meal prep. I made it a choice to use the PrepDeck only for things that were Parve, or neutral, neither meat nor dairy. Essentially, it was a vegan prep area.

Note; The deck was vegan, I’m not.

The storage containers with their assorted special lids (you get a  juicer, zester, grater, slicer, and a 4-in-1 peeler) turned out to be incredibly handy.

The measuring built in is a nice touch.

Despite having a dedicated mandolin, I would much rather use the PrepDeck for slicing potatoes and onions. My wife called it “dangerously addictive.” She’s not wrong. We’ve barely touched our standalone mandolin since getting the PrepDeck.

The removable cutting board is great, and the fact that I can order other ones in different patterns got me all excited for my Kosher kitchen—could I have one PrepDeck with a separate cutting board and tools for meat, dairy, and Parve? That would be amazing!

Adorable measuring cups!

Sadly, I cannot. One can order a knife block that slides right into the deck, extra containers (larger ones too), a tablet stand, and a tote bag, but not a second or third set of tools. This makes me a bit sad… but it’s a problem unique to Kosher consumers and allergy-aware people. We’re a minority. For most people, the regular PrepDeck should be fine.

At $119, the entry level PrepDeck is a good addition to an existing kitchen or a great gift for someone just starting out. There’s also a $179 PrepDeck+ with more bells and whistles and a $229 PrepDeck Plus that looks fantastic but I question if you really need two additional cutting boards, a device stand, XL container set, and travel bag… but if you do need those, it’s cheaper to buy the Pro than buy them one by one.

PrepDeck at rest

Let’s get back to the bit about this being a great gift for someone just starting out. I want to specifically hit on this as a parenting blog for a second.

The sorting and storage aspects make the PrepDeck a very organized way to let your younger kid help and teach them basics of cooking. My almost 9-year-old loves measuring in the cups. The shredder is safe too. I wouldn’t let him use the mandolin (it needs a safety cover, guys).

Further, it’s a very good all-in-one kitchen tool for your child who is leaving home and has their first place. I would call the PrepDeck a solid graduation or wedding gift. Who needs a toaster? Get them a PrepDeck.

Note: PrepDeck provided me with this review unit, and I use it to make delicious food. I haven’t sent them any.

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2 thoughts on “GeekDad Review: PrepDeck Contains Your Kitchen Mess

  1. Hi – I would be interested in knowing how you like the PrepDeck after several months of use. Is it holding up as expected and/or would you buy one now? I like the look of it, but am concerned that pieces would start to break/crack/chip after a few months.

    Thank you!

  2. I love my prepdeck with one complaint. I absolutely loathe the lids for the containers. They’re tricky and on the XL container next to impossible to fasten securely. They’re not really made for storage, and as long as you keep that in mind, it’s great.

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