Review – Lucifer #11: The Hunger of Caliban

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Lucifer #11 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #11 – Dan Watters, Writer; Sebastian Fiumara, Leomacs, Artists; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Ray: This series of Lucifer, Dan Watters’ twisted tale of the DC afterlife, veers wildly between conspiracy plotting and shocking acts of violence, with the latter coming off as the stark punctuation to Lucifer’s plotting. Even when he’s not doing the violence, his hand is everywhere making things worse.

That’s definitely been the case with this arc, as Lucifer and Caliban travel to the underworld to try to find a refuge for their former lover/mother Sycorax before she’s taken back to hell. A misadventure in the Egyptian afterlife escaped, in Lucifer #11, they’re now in the Hindu afterlife – a place of peace and beauty. And it’s that same peace and beauty that leads Lucifer to leave it behind, deeming it no place for a creature of darkness like Sycorax, who would be changed for the better. That leads Caliban to explode into a rage at his father, resulting in the end of their partnership as they go their own ways.

Into the depths. Via DC Comics.

That makes Caliban easier to manipulate for the other major player in this drama – the archangel Raguel, who has been sparring with Lucifer for several issues. Raguel made the offer to Caliban to let him enter heaven if he reports on Lucifer, and Caliban has become obsessed with the golden city – but Raguel’s carefully planned scheme falls apart due to the cruel words of his favorite cherub, who doesn’t want anyone horning in on his turf.

The other plots in this issue include Sycorax and her human ally trying to solve the murders on the island, and Mazikeen piecing herself back together – literally. There’s a little too much random gore and the earth-bound plots aren’t nearly as compelling as the ones in the afterlife, but it feels like this slow-burn thriller has set its major players up for a tragic collision course in the coming issues.

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