Late Pledges Available for Fantasy Wargames Terrain Kickstarter

Fantasy Wargames Terrain in action. Image by Battle Systems LLC.

Did you see my earlier Kickstarter alert for Battle Systems’ Fantasy Wargames Terrain, but missed out on backing? Well, the Pledge Manager just opened up, and from now until September 8th, anyone can make a late pledge from their Kickstarter page.

Since that preview was published, Battle Systems has added a lot of terrain to the Kickstarter, including a third option for the base ‎₤75 pledge ($91.12 USD at time of writing), The Citadel. All base pledges ship with a huge assortment of free stretch goal terrain pieces.

Citadel pledge. Image by Battle Systems LLC.

There are also a wide variety of add-ons available, ranging from smaller pieces such as wells and carts, up to massive buildings like the Wizard’s Tower.

Wizard’s Tower. Image by Battle Systems LLC.

If you read my recent review of the Galactic Core Sci-Fi Terrain, you know that I consider Battle Systems’ card terrain to have great graphic design, to be easy to assemble, and an affordable way to fill your gaming table with terrain pieces. Card terrain does require some extra care in putting the pieces together, so it is best for those ages 14+. The Fantasy Wargames Terrain looks to follow in the footsteps of Battle Systems’ previous Kickstarters, providing a fantastic way to bring your fantasy skirmish, army, and roleplaying games to life.

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