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What Is Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain?

Fantasy Terrain
Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain, image by Battle Systems LTD

Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain is high-quality cardstock terrain suitable for many popular 28-35mm miniatures games and RPGs, including Kings of War, Vanguard, A Song of Ice and Fire, D&D, Frostgrave, Mordheim, Warlords of Erehwon, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Age of Sigmar, and more.

It is currently on Kickstarter with a core pledge price of £75( $93.88 USD at time of writing) and contains enough terrain to fill a wargaming table.

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Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain Components

fantasy walls Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain
Modular cardstock walls and plastic clips, image by Battle Systems LTD

Battle Systems terrain uses die-cut cardstock with detailed artwork on both sides of the card to create terrain that is sturdy but lightweight and easy to store. You use the included plastic clips to combine walls, doors, floors and roofs into any combinations you wish to create.

Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain
Two story building with interiors, image by Battle Systems LTD

Buildings have fully detailed interiors, so you have the option of removing the roof or floors of multi-level buildings. That means you can place miniatures inside of the buildings, a handy feature for skirmish or role-playing games. Additionally, according to Battle Systems, “the added curves to the roofs and rough edges to the ruins give it a more natural look than our other ranges which really suits the fantasy setting.”

Fantasy Village core pledge on 3×3 table, image by Battle Systems LTD
Fantasy Battlefield core pledge on 3×3 table, image by Battle Systems LTD

Currently, there are two different core pledges offered: a village set and a battlefield set. Battle Systems promises that a single pledge, “contains enough terrain for a complete gaming table, whether it’s a dense skirmish board or open battlefield.”

Keeping in line with their five previous Kickstarters, Battle Systems is enhancing these core pledges with a large assortment of free stretch goals which so far include: cobbled roads that are reversible to become rivers, walls, gates, ruins, and much more.

water mill from Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain
Water Mill add-on building, image by Battle Systems LTD
chapel of Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain
Chapel add-on building, image by Battle Systems LTD

Additionally, there are several different add-ons currently on offer, including a water mill, chapel, village ruins, and a graveyard. You are also able to separately purchase some of the individual buildings and terrain elements from both of the two core pledges.

Why You Should Back Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain

Sure, we’re talking close to $100 to back this Kickstarter, and that’s before you have to factor in international shipping as Battle Systems is located in the UK. That’s certainly not an impulse purchase price. However, if you’ve ever looked into the cost of terrain for miniature games, you’re probably aware that it can get very expensive, very quickly. For example, a single building from Games Workshop, the Warscryer Citadel, retails for $110.

For that price, you are getting just one single building, unassembled, that will require hobby supplies to assemble and paint. Compare that to a core pledge from Battle Systems, which provides you with enough buildings, fences, walls, and barricades to cover an entire gaming table. Battle Systems terrain also arrives ready to assemble. You just punch out the full-color card pieces and clip them together.

ukge table
Battle Systems Fantasy Terrain on display at UK Games Expo 2019, image by Battle Systems LTD

Indeed, one of the most attractive features is its ease of assembly. If you enjoy assembling LEGO, you’ll probably enjoy assembling Battle Systems terrain. As it is cardstock, you will need to take a bit of care in clipping pieces together so as not to inadvertently bend a piece where you’re not supposed to. But there are several helpful video tutorials on the Battle Systems website to show you how to put your terrain pieces together.

Another great feature is the storage and portability of the Battle Systems terrain. Most terrain you build or purchase for miniature gaming is permanently glued together, taking up a lot of space and making it difficult to transport or store in your home. The Battle Systems Fantasy Terrain can be readily broken down and stored flat if you’re tight on space, allowing you to transport an entire battlefield’s worth of terrain in a relatively small box or plastic bin.

Finally, as you can see from the photos, the Battle Systems terrain just looks good.

Battle Systems Fantasy Terrain building, image by Battle Systems LTD

You can recreate a beautiful, versatile world on your tabletop with a Battle Systems fantasy terrain pledge for a fraction of the cost of most other miniature terrain systems, all the while having a good time combining the pieces into all sorts of different configurations. If you’re in the market for some fantasy gaming terrain, this Kickstarter is well worth checking out.

For more information, check out the blog at Battle Systems and the Battle Systems Fantasy Wargames Terrain Kickstarter, which runs until Friday, July 19th at 2:00 pm PDT. And keep an eye peeled for my upcoming review of Battle Systems Sci-Fi terrain, which is currently available to purchase from the Battle Systems webstore.

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