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Autism-Friendly Tunes from Turtle Dance, Plus a New Song From Mista Cookie Jar and Little Miss Ann

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When my son was Ben was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, I went through a roller coaster of emotions. Near the bottom – would he be able to enjoy things that neuro-typical children take for granted. For instance, what about music? Live performances, in particular. Those fears were allayed pretty early. And now Ben continually asks what’s next – even before the lights have dimmed when we’ve just arrived at a concert venue.

Turtle Dance Music
“Add to the World” from Turtle Dance Music

For special needs children who need shows tailored to their specific needs, there are organizations such as Autism Friendly Shows and for kids, their partners at Turtle Dance Music, who do hour-long performances just for younger aged audiences. Turtle Dance has released their sixth CD, Add To The World, with songs revolving directly around math-based concepts. The ten songs include “Five Little Monkeys,” “Jump and Count (Twist and Shout),” “I Only Sneeze in Threes,” and a reading themed take on the Proclaimers with “500 Books.”

Turtle Dance shows are accompanied by hands-on, visual, and sensory experiences designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time. Kids play instruments, try out interactive music technology, and dance along through the whole show. Based in the Connecticut area, the program seeks to increase its educational component with Add To the World.

Add to the Worldis available through the group’s websiteApple Music, and Amazon.

Here is the video for the group’s song “Moon Landing”:

The ever-prolific Mista Cookie Jar returns with another duet, this time with Little Miss Ann for the dessert-arrific “Halo-Halo.” The song celebrates the Filipino treat of that name, which is concocted from coconut, mungo bean, shaved ice, corn, milk, and a scoop of ice cream. Did I lose you along the way? Trust me, it’s more delicious than it sounds. Perhaps try it first and then ask for the ingredient list. As for the the finished product, just listen to how they wax prosaic:

Yum! “Ma sarap”

That’s Tagalog for tongue bliss.

“Halo-halo,” that’s Tagalog for mix mix.

Mix it up like a sweet cold gumbo

Fun for the soul. Make ya joy feel jumbo.

You can download “Halo-Halo” (all they ask if for 99 cents) from Bandcamp. Here’s the link:

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