Cooler Master GS750 Hub Review

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The Cooler Master GS 750 Hub

Cooler Master releases a great new hub that charges and centralizes your gaming and PC peripherals: the GS 750.

If you are like me, your computer and gaming spaces have become cluttered with so many peripherals that your relatives are preparing a hoarders intervention for you. Luckily, Cooler Master may have a solution to keep the reality show producers from your front door. The new GS 750 stand can help to organize, improve, and stylize your space.

When I pulled the GS 750 out of the box, I was impressed with the feel and strength of the stand. The flat black color and aluminum construction is something I immediately appreciated. Once I plugged in the GS750 to my USB 3.0 port, I further appreciated the programmable LED base. Having my keyboard, mouse, and stand color synced to a theme I chose is pretty cool.  My computer desk has an amazing space-age look from all these great LED products by Cooler Master. 

The headphone stand was an immediate upgrade from the hook that I had been using (to moderate effect) from my local dollar store. It also resolved the persistent issue I had with finding said headset. The construction is simple and rigid and easily holds whatever your preferred gaming headset may be.

The base of the GS 750 serves as a Qi charger for your phone and even some gaming mice and other peripherals. My experience with Qi charging is not a very good one. To get the GS 750 to work with my Galaxy S-9, I had to strip off my case. Even then it was a bit of a challenge to get it to connect, and when it did connect it is safe to say that the speed of the charge was not exceptional. To be fair to Cooler Master, I have had this issue with every conductive charger I have ever tried. I do not have any mice that use Qi charging, but I think that may be a far better application for this accessory. 

Along the base are 2 USB 3.0 ports, which work great and are essentially an extension to plug in a peripheral away from your PC. The fact that there is only 2 is a bit disappointing. It is not so much of a hub as it is an extension. 

The last and most useful feature that I feel the GS 750 offers is the headphone jack with a built-in 5.1 surround decoder. This is very impressive and takes my non-usb headsets to the next level of sound. The jack also offers a bit more distance than plugging your headset directly into the front or rear of your PC, which is a bonus. I really enjoyed gameplay with this feature, and as someone who plays a disproportionate amount of survival horror games, the 5.1 encoder made immersion enjoyable.


  • Qi Wireless charging: Whatever Qi-compatible device you are using, have it always close at hand. No need to clutter your table, since the charging pad is integrated into the base of GS750.
  • RGB beam around the edges: 13 LEDs around the edges allow for a full spectrum of effects and colors.
  • USB3 hub: Manage your cables well or they will take over. With 2 x USB3 ports of GS750, you can do just that.
  • Audio codec onboard: Plug your headset directly into the stand to avoid that irritating moment, when the cable changes into a leash.
  • 5.1 surround sound with EQ: Squeeze out the most from your sound and enjoy enhanced space orientation and sound effects for the maximum immersion.
  • Software customization: Control the RGB effects.

The GS750 is a useful addition to any gamer’s workspace. The only question is the value. At $79.99, it may be a bit pricey for someone just looking to de-clutter a desktop, but for a serious gamer or PC user who wants to maximize their space as well as adding to their sound quality and available USB 3.0 ports in a stylish way, the GS750 may well be worth the money.

A sample of the GS750 was made available by Cooler Master.

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