Lowry Leather Cuff Apple Watch

Geek Links: Lowry Leather Cuff Apple Watch Band Clearance

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Lowry Leather Cuff Apple Watch
When a simple leather watch band just isn’t enough leather…(Images from padandquill.com)

It’s been almost 3 years since I reviewed the Lowry Leather Cuff Apple Watch band from Pad & Quill. It is still my go-to Apple Watch band when I am just running around with my Apple Watch on the weekends. But since I have written that review, I changed over to a black stainless steel Apple Watch, and now my original Lowry cuff lugs don’t match the watch. Then this morning an email from Pad & Quill hits my inbox and they are discontinuing and clearing out all of their Lowry Leather Cuff bands, so they are only $49. I instantly ordered a black leather cuff with matching black lugs… 1st world problem solved. Plus you can get an additional 10% off when you use the VIP coupon code “HappyAnniversary” at checkout. I paid full price for my original Lowry Leather Cuff and I certainly got my money’s worth, and after 3 years the band still looks like new. So if you are a leather cuff fan, you will definitely want to pick one of these up while you still can!

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