Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle’

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Board games with kids can be hard to navigate. Different skill levels and difficulties can cause chaos to Family Game Night in a hurry. Once you get beyond the staples it’s hard to find games for the entire family to play together. You can find some (like these smaller card games or dice games) but eventually you start playing games where age group differences come into play. For instance, Ticket to Ride is something everyone in my family can play (especially if we use the ‘My First Journey’ version). Other games, like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, however, are just for older kids.

There is a great write up on the game here. We read through it a few times before we dove into the game. The game also serves as its own primer (as the first two levels give a good introduction into the mechanics of the game). It doesn’t give you a good look into the complexities of the game, however, until a it further into it.

My 7-year old tried to play (he was familiar with deck-building games) but he didn’t make it very long. Instead, my 12-year old and I took on the battle alone. How did we do? Could we save Hogwarts? Or did we succumb to the evil forces coming up around us? Listen here and find out!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
The base components … what’s in those little boxes? Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

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