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Like a lot of you – our family plays a lot of games. A LOT. Family Game Night happens multiple times each week. We are always on the lookout for new games to try. It’s often hard to find games that can appeal to everyone in the family – especially with kids at different ages/skill levels. Usually a game the 6-year-old likes is one the 11-year-old finds boring (or vice versa).

Lately we’ve been playing a lot of dice-based games. Three in particular we’ve been playing a lot recently are Farkle, Qwixx and Star Wars: Destiny. These games are in heavy rotation at our house at the moment. Even better is that everyone can play two of the three (Star Wars: Destiny is a bit beyond the 6-year-old at the moment).

Do you have any fun games you’re playing with your family? Let us know!

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