Review—American Gods: The Moment of The Storm # 1— Neutrality

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It is great to see the comic series start where the TV show ended, albeit with a few key differences!

American Gods: The Moment of The Storm # 1, Writer: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell Artist: Scott Hampton Colorist: Jennifer T. Lange, Scott Hampton, Cover Artist: Glenn Fabry, Adam Brown

One of the biggest moments in the original novel involved Mr. Wednesday getting shot. It was something no one was expecting, a tipping point of sorts: it pushed most of the indecisive into action.

Now that Mr. Wednesday is dead, (his shooting displayed on Live Television, courtesy of Media), the war seems inevitable. Many old gods are just finding out about it, feeling horrified, claiming for vengeance. An exploding head on TV does wonders for the imagination. Meanwhile, Shadow has been cleverly released from Lakeside by Czenoborg and Anansi. Together; they will journey to the center of America to retrieve Wednesday′s body.

Another great moment of the novel is the description about this weird place, the exact center. As an idea, it is merely a geographical point in the map. However, it holds a kind of sucking power: it is a place where gods are uncomfortable, where they feel unable to do anything, an unnatural place for them. Because of this, its neutrality, it is the ideal spot for this kind of body swap; and now we will get to see the players interact before the final confrontation.

And there will be a final confrontation: gods’ blood will be spilled now, there is no doubt about that.

‘American Gods: The Moment of The Storm’ is on sale since April 17th, 2019.

Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime, Horror
Publication Date: April 17, 2019
FC, 32 pages; Ongoing
Price: $3.99
UPC: 7 61568 00458 8 00111

Featured image by Glenn Fabry, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics

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